Narcissus Collection 2014

Capturing the positive side of 'Narcissism'. Love yourself and moreover discover the hidden part.

The Furniture, The Imaginary mirror and The Self-reflections.

The Narcissus collection conveys the story of Narcissus in greek mythology, who fell in love with his self-reflection. The collection contains neat, ordinary yet subtle chair, library and light. The birth design of odd and ordinary design.

Exhibited in,

  • Salone Satellite 2014 @Rho Fiera Milano, Italy

  • Meet My Project 2014 @Espace Commines Paris, France

  • 20 years SaloneSatellite 2017 @Fabrica del Vapore Milan, Italy


The EX Collection 2015

The unexpected green design with wasted fashion fabrics of ran away ex roommate.

He left, but not completely…

The EX Collection is realised with the left behind clothes of the designers ‘ex’ roommate who ran away with his unpaid bills and never came back. Have a look at how we turn wasted fashion fabrics into very unique chair, table and sets of containers.

Exhibited in,

  • Salone Satelite 2015 @Rho Fiera Milano, Italy